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During your holidays in Cappadocia you can immerse yourself into the culture and the tradition of the Dervishes. The Cappadocia Dervishes Ceremony is the ideal excursion for those who are interested in exploring the culture and for those who wish to enjoy a thrilling evening. A magical and mystic atmosphere along with traditional music, costumes and dances is what you should expect during this excursion. The Cappadocia Dervishes Ceremony will be a truly memorable experience.

This memorable excursion starts during the evening. A comfortable, modern and fully air conditioned vehicle will pick you up from your hotel in Cappadocia and drive you towards the place where the ceremony takes place. By the very first moment you enter the building where the ceremony takes place, you will be thrilled by the flawless mystical atmosphere. It has to be noted that mysticism is one of the main features of the Dervishes’ ceremony and ideology.

The Dervishes are Sufi Muslim Ascetics who are characterized by the extreme poverty and austerity that implement in their lifestyle. Their main aim in life is to reach God by deserting their ego and through their physical activity. It is believed that Dervishes have superpowers and can do miracles because they are close to God with their lifestyle.

Cappadocia Dervishes Ceremony includes a 1-hour show of Mevlevi Sema Ceremony. This particular ceremony is a symbolic expression of the stages that Dervishes are passing through in order to reach God. Therefore, it represents the process of reaching their ultimate stage and purpose of life. As the ceremony starts a prayer to the Prophet Mohammed takes place. After the prayer, a solo follows just before the impressive show. Then, the head Dervish indicates the places where the Dervishes should go and then the infamous Circling of Veled begins. This impressive phase of the ceremony will be an amazing experience for you as it symbolizes the resurrection from the grave.

In what regards the clothes of the Dervishes, hidden meanings are also in place. The cloak symbolizes the grave and the hat represents the gravestone. At a point, the Dervishes will gradually remove their cloak and this is a symbolization of their spiritual freedom which means that they are closer to God. During the Cappadocia Dervishes Ceremony, you will be impressed by the magical and mystical atmosphere.

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  • The show lasts for 1 hour.